SMF COVID-19-related procedures


1) We keep working on the received submissions. Next publications will be launched in time and uploaded as usual on the website. However we can neither print or send the release of our journals and books.  
2) We can't receive any paper mail but any request sent to,, will be treated.
3) Please note processing times might be longer than usual.
4) Unfortunately we can at the moment neither print or send any book, as well as the subscription journals. Books orders will be treated on an ongoing basis but will be sent only after the lockdown went to the end. Online publications will be uploaded progressively, as the editorial work goes by.
5) Invoicing and receivables will operate as usual.
6) Claims handling will be treated as much as possible.
7) Print subscriptions are discontinued until further notice. Postal shipping will be operated once lockdown went to and end.


Publiée le 24.03.2020