Aid to African institutions

Thanks to UNESCO, SMF is glad to offer peer-review journals electronic subscriptions to African institutions or research centers providing Mathematics higher education (master or more).

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The SMF is commited to developing new partnerships and nurturing scientific vocations among African youth.

This initiative reflects the "Open Science" idea which aims to make publicly funded research accessible to as many people as possible. UNESCO has indeed recently announced some "Open Science" recommandations will be soon submitted to the international scientific community.

Terms of the offer
  • This opportunity is free of charge and does not require any financial commitment.
  • It is applicable to African research institutes, mainly universities. But any other request will be carefully considered.
  • Please apply by filling the form available here.
  • The application will be then considered by SMF Executive Board for approval.
  • SMF will then get in touch with successful institutions for subscriptions practical issues.
  • We ought the successful institutions to provide ONLY institutional IP addresses based in the host country (any non-compliance will lead to the termination of the subscription).
  • The offer is valid until 2024. By the end of this period, contract renewals will be considered by SMF Executive board.
  • Once a year, SMF will propose free of charge a books selection (hard-copy format). Shipping cost will have to be covered by research institutes / universities / or by a third party.
To help SMF

This offer is free of charge. If you wish to support the SMF in this initiative, you can join or make a donation.