How to submit in Séminaires et Congrès

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The collection Séminaires et Congrès publishes the proceedings of scientific events in the field of mathematics (congresses, colloquia, summer schools, etc.) after scientific evaluation and according to the rules below:

  • A single correspondent will be designated by the organisers to liaise with the SMF publications department.
  • The organisers of the event undertake to pre-purchase a certain number of the book to be published. The price and number of books will be discussed with the SMF.
  • The SMF authorises the free distribution of the electronic version of the book in any form whatsoever. This version will be available on the SMF website free of charge.
  • The organisers undertake to manage relations with the various authors of the book themselves.
  • The organisers undertake to provide the SMF with a file containing :
    •  a single .tex source file including all contributions ;
    • the .pdf file compiled from the .tex file using the LaTex classes of Seminars and Congresses available here, it being understood that the compilation must produce a .pdf of very good quality;
    • a single .bib file for the bibliography,
    • all images and figures included in the book.
  • The SMF will format the book using a professional typesetter and will submit the resulting proof to the organisers.
  • The organisers will organise the reading of the proofs and send the corrections to the SMF.