Annales scientifiques de l'ENS

The Annales scientifiques de l'Ecole normale supérieure de Paris publish 6 issues per year; they are edited by the SMF since 2008.

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The Annales scientifiques de l'École normale supérieure were founded in 1864 by Louis Pasteur. The journal dealt with subjects touching on Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences. Around the turn of the century, it was decided that the journal should be devoted to Mathematics.

Today, the Annales are open to all fields of mathematics. The Editorial Board, with the help of referees, selects articles which are mathematically very substantial. The Journal insists on maintaining a tradition of clarity and rigour in the exposition.


Editorial committee

Editorial Secretary


  • Patrick Bernard
    Université Paris-Dauphine et École normale supérieure


  • Sébastien Boucksom
    École Polytechnique
  • Gaëtan Chenevier
    Université Paris-Sud
  • Yves de Cornulier
    Université Lyon I Claude Bernard
  • Antoine Ducros
    Sorbonne Université et École normale supérieure
  • Giambattista Giacomin
    Université de Paris et École normale supérieure
  • David Harari
    Université Paris-Sud
  • Sophie Morel
    École normale supérieure de Lyon
  • André Neves
    University of Chicago
  • Jérémie Szeftel
    Sorbonne Université
  • San Vũ Ngọc
    Université Rennes 1
  • Anna Wienhard
    Universität Heidelberg
  • Geordie Williamson
    University of Sydney 

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