FAQ Online access

Questions asked by customers about the terms and conditions for the online access.

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Which users have online access?

If the subscriber is an institution with one location, any Faculty and student affiliated as  a permanent member or a registered visitor is an authorized user for the online access. In case of  a consortium, or an institution located in many places, special rules apply and  agreements  are needed.
May the subscribed institution allow access to SMF material,  by persons not affiliated with the subscribed institution, from computer terminals located in the institution? Such a user is considered as a visitor, hence is an authorized user, after due registration.
Can a library  of the subscriber provide a printed copy(ies) of the online article(s)/content(s) to another library(ies) by post and/or facsimile transmission, or by email in the electronic format to another educational institution (Interlibrary Loans)? Such a usage is permitted. Permission is valid for one article at a time. Interlibrary loan is permitted for  well identified and non-systematic queries. Fair use should be the rule.
Does the law allow members affiliated to the insitution to make copies for personal education use? Yes.
Can we post a link to an article on our secure electronic system so students can  have access  to the material for a course (Electronic reserves)? Such a usage  is permitted. Permission is valid for one article at a time.
Is online-only format with access via IP address with proxy authentification available for institutional subscribers? Yes.
If yes, what is the price for  an institutional subscription of this kind? See page rates
Is online-only format with access via Internet using username-password available for institutional subscription? No such access is offered for the time being. IP identification is the only possible identification.
Will we be given archive access? SMF journals are all archived on the Numdam server ( Entire collection are Open access, except for a short period for current publications (5 years in general, 10 years for special series).
Do we still have online access to subscribed years if we stop the subscription in future? No, the SMF does not provide perpetual access to past paid content.  If a subscriber stops his subscription, he must wait until he has passed the mobile barrier of 5 years (10 years for some collections) to be able to access once again the electronic contents that have become public.
In case of a consortium or an institution located in many places, special rules apply and require special agreements. Do your special rules mean that you require an extra charge for institutions having multiple locations? The set of given IP ranges will be considered, depending on the history of the subscription, the distance between the  multiple locations and the subscriber reasonning. Extra charges will not be automatically required.
How does one  request the opening of an access?

Please fill the form:

Can we ask for a modification or for an addition of an IP range?

Please connect to your dedicated  online space:

Is an institutional subscriber allowed to download an archive copy?   An institutional subscriber is authorized to download an archive copy of each article for the years subscribed.
Can we get  user statistics information (access etc.)? No, it is not yet available.


How does  an institution obtain an online user space (espace client)?

Please contact  the administrative office of  the SMF at:


What do I do if I am refused access to a journal  for which I am subscribed?

You must verify that the IP range  of the computer from which you are connected indeed belongs to the list of declared IP ranges. The IP  range of your computer, as well as the list of journals to which you are subscribed are displayed  if you click  on the menu  situated at the top right of your screen. To consult the list of declared IP ranges, please log in to your client account.