International journal of very high level, Astérisque publishes in french or in english papers of at least 80 pages, monographs of the highest quality, as well as reports of the prestigious Séminaire Bourbaki.

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Founded in 1973, Astérisque publishes in French or English monographs of the highest quality. The texts are choosen for their originality or for the novelty of the presentation they give to a field. Each volume is devoted to one subject and all the mathematical fields are covered. Astérisque publishes at least 8 volumes a year. One of them, devoted to the Séminaire Bourbaki, is edited under the responsability of Nicolas Bourbaki.

The editorial commitee is looking for texts of the highest quality regarding both the mathematical content and its exposition. Each manuscript is deeply studied by a referee.


Editorial committee

Editorial Secretary


  • Nicolas Burq
    Université Paris-Sud


  • Marie-Claude Arnaud
    Université d'Avignon
  • Christophe Breuil
    Université Paris-Sud-Orsay
  • Damien Calaque
    IMAG, université de Montpellier
  • Philippe Eyssidieux
    Institut Joseph Fourier, université Grenoble I
  • Christophe Garban
    Institut Camille Jordan, université Lyon I
  • Colin Guillarmou
    Université Paris-Sud, Orsay
  • Fanny Kassel
  • Eric Moulines
    Académie des Sciences
  • Alexandru Oancea
    Institut de Mathématique de Jussieu (IMJ-PRG)-Paris
  • Nicolas Ressayre
    Université Claude-Bernard, Lyon 1
  • Sylvia Serfaty
    Université Pierre et Marie Curie

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