Number Theory and Dynamics

The goal of the conference is to bring number theorists and dynamicists
together. We will have a balanced proportion of speakers in order to foster
interaction and develop awareness of questions and methods proper to each
The themes will include diophantine number theory and transcendence, metric
diophantine approximation, dynamics on homogeneous spaces, and fractal


      Francesco Amoroso, Université de Caen.
      Victor Beresnevich, University of York.
      Sara Checcoli, Université de Grenoble.
      Pietro Corvaja, Università di Udine.
      Nicolas de Saxce, Université Paris 13.
      Vesselin Dimitrov, University of Cambridge.
      Manfred Einsiedler, ETH Zurich.
      De-Jun Feng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
      Alexander Gorodnik, University of Bristol.
      Dimitry Kleinbock, Brandeis University (TBC).
      Elon Lindenstrauss, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
      Nicole Looper, University of Cambridge.
      Ariel Rapaport, University of Cambridge.
      Damien Roy, University of Ottawa.
      Pablo Shmerkin, Universidad Torcuato di Tella.
      Boris Solomyak, University of Bar-Ilan.
      Sanju Velani, University of York.


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Du 25 au 29.03.2019 Cambridge Cambridge