Spectral Theory, Control and Inverse Problems

Suite aux mesures de lutte contre le coronavirus, la Session "État de la recherche" SMF a été reformatée en semaine SMF-CIRM.
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Organisateurs :
F. Boyer, Jérémi Dardé, S. Ervedoza, J. Royer

Programme et informations


Several important results have been obtained in the recent years in Spectral Theory, Control and Inverse problems for partial differential equations. This Summer School aims at presenting several important different aspects of these theories, some major advances obtained recently on these fields and the challenges that remain. 
The summer school will consist of 4 lectures (4h30 each) focusing on several different related aspects: The Spectral Shift Function for Quantum Hamiltonians, Spectral theory for periodic operators, Unique continuation for waves, and Inverse problems for hyperbolic PDEs. 
Each lecture will be addressed to PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and colleagues willing to learn on these topics. A poster session will also be organized to stimulate discussions between the participants, see the corresponding Poster Submission tab.
This Summer School is part of the program "Etats de la Recherche" supported by the SMF (Société Mathématique de France).

La semaine SMF/CIRM correspondante


  • Registration is free, but mandatory, and is open up to Mai 15, 2020. 
  • Poster submission is open up to April 30, 2020. (Les inscriptions sont déjà ouvertes).
Du 15 au 19.06.2020 Toulouse Toulouse