A conference in memory of Jacques Tits (1930 - 2021)

Algebras, Geometries, and Groups.

 With great sadness we received the news in December last year that Jacques Tits passed away. To honour one of the most influential mathematicians from Belgium, a conference is organized in his memory, in collaboration with Belgian Mathematical Society.
Attendance is open to everyone, but registration is compulsory.

Speakers are : Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON (IHES), Michel BROUE (Paris), Bernhard MÜHLHERR (Gießen), Anne PARREAU (Grenoble), Guy ROUSSEAU (IECL), Katrin TENT (Münster), Donna TESTERMAN (Lausanne), Jean-Pierre TIGNOL (Louvain-La-Neuve), Richard WEISS (Tufts).

More information

Attendance is free for PhD students and 30 EUR per person per day for non-PhD students for registrations before September 30. From October 1 onwards, attendance is 30 EUR per day for PhD students and 50 EUR per person per day for non-PhD students. The registration fee covers lunches and coffee breaks.




Du 20 au 21.12.2022 Bruxelles Bruxelles