Introduction à la théorie de Hodge

Introduction to Hodge Theory

José Bertin, Jean-Pierre Demailly, Luc Illusie, Chris Peters
  • Année : 2002
  • Tome : 8
  • Format : Papier
  • Langue de l'ouvrage :
  • Class. Math. : 46-E-22, 93-02
  • Nb. de pages : x+232
  • ISBN : 0-8218-2040-0
  • ISSN : 1525-2302

Hodge theory is a powerfull tool in analytic and algebraic geometry. This book consists of expositions of aspects of modern Hodge theory, with the purpose of providing the nonexpert reader with a clear idea of the current state of the subject. The three main topics are : $L^2$ Hodge theory and vanishing theorems ; Hodge theory in characteristic $p$ ; and variations of Hodge structures and mirror symmetry. Each section has a detailed introduction and numerous references. Many open problems are also included. The reader shoul have some familiarity with differential and algebraic geometry, with other prerequisites varying by chapter. The book is suitable as an accompaniment to a second course in algebraic geometry.